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 Our Staff and Classes
Ladybug Room (age 1 and walking)


Our Ladybug room is where we begin your child's earliest introduction to the classroom experience. Sensitive to the needs of these first time students (and their parents) our teachers have created a welcoming, fun and highly supportive environment to ease their transition into school. Combining nurturing with classroom structure, routine, and learning, this class is essential to building your young child's academic foundations

​Caterpillar Room (2-2.5 years old)

Our Caterpillar room is where your child will explore and celebrate their growing independence! With a special focus on developing and articulating life skills (such as potty training, bottle to cup transitions, grooming, and table readiness) parents will love the I-can-do-it attitude your toddler will show! Combined with language/vocabulary building, fine motor development, social emotional growth and more- this class will help set the groundwork for the academic learning your child will need for success in years to come. 

Butterfly Room (2.5-3 years old)

Your child will continue their foundational learning in our Older Toddler room. During their school year in this class, your child will continue to develop their fine motor skills with introduction to writing, scissor skills, puzzle work, and more. Additionally they will continue to build upon their recognition of letters, numbers, shapes, colors, calendar, etc. Arts and crafts, trips into the park, community and more- your child's abilities, and independence will begin to flourish and grow in this class!

Garden Room  (3 years old)

Your child's budding skills will grow further with their exciting and eclectic cirriculum! Building further on your child's foundational knowledge, and motor skills, this class will begin to fine tune your child's abilities in preparation for Kindergarten.  Cooking classes, Spanish lessons, life skills, community trips and more; this class aims to excite your child about learning while continuing to cement their abilities. 



Imagination Station Room (3-4 years old) 

Your child will continue their path to Kindergarten at the Imagination Station! Continuing to hone the academic routines and abilities needed for the transition to Kindergarten, this class focuses on building your child's fine motor abilities, foundational knowledge, social emotional development and independence. With an art, music and imagination based curriculum, your young child will come home filled with wonder and knowledge every day! 

Rocketship Room(4-5 years old)                                                                        

Under the loving care  your child will be getting ready to BLAST OFF TO KINDERGARTEN! Making sure their last year at preschool is a great one, this class is action packed full of adventures, learning and laughing! In this final year of preschool, we will focus on fine tuning pre-reading skills such as phonics, emergent STEM skills, handwriting and social emotional wellness to ensure a smooth and happy transition to Kindergarten environments. With science experiments, cooking lessons, art projects, trips to the park and more- this class will be sure to build memories and skills your child will have for a lifetime!



Wizards Room (5-6 years old)

Our Wizard Room is full of laughter, learning, and magic! This class specially designed for children who miss the PA State Kindergarten age cut off (where children must be 5 years of age before August 31 of the current year.) This program will introduce your child to the concepts and routines they will be exposed to in the first six months of Kindergarten, such as scaled handwriting, self knowledge (such as home address, parent names, phone numbers), pre-math skills, introductory reading, and self-responsibility. With trips into the community, arts & crafts, time lapse projects and more, this small focus class is the ideal environment for our older preschool children! 

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